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Here is a sample map, like one that you might want to attach to an email. This one happens to be of the Apple campus in Cupertino, CA. Like with the documentation pages, I draw the lines at the normal size, then zoomed in all the way to do the lettering.

An example of a drawing connected to an email. Export the drawing to the Photos app (by tapping on the camera tool at the bottom of a drawing), then open the drawing in Photos and tap on the export button in the bottom left corner (looks like a box with an arrow coming out of it). Great for a personalized email to friends, family or loved ones! (or to your friends at Lint Labs!)

Another useful application: math and science images. Anyone who has tried to use a word processor to write a mathematical equation knows that a pencil is easier for all but the simplest ones (x = 2y). If you don't have dedicated software to generate specialized diagrams you can just draw them. The image at the top is a cellulose molecule, I believe...

Simple line drawings can add a personal or elegant touch to invites or notes. Also hand lettering opens up an endless font library: from cursive writing to calligraphy to big block display letters.

How about electronics? Anything you might want to jot down or work on and then email to a friend or colleague. These screenshots are half their original size; these diagrams are clearer at full size. Click on this one to see the full size image.